The Midlife Reboot
Coaching Women to Wellness

 One on One Coaching:

  We work together for as long as it is beneficial to you - and you are enjoying the sessions.

  It is recommended that you start with a 3-6 month time period - to allow you to get going and achieve something meaningful during our time together.

  Some people have had a relationship with their coach for 1-2 years and more, while some people achieve great value from just 3 months - especially if they are highly motivated and want to work through a specific issue.

Coaching Packages: 

            A)   One Month Contract -   $325.00    Includes:

      •   Four coaching sessions - 45 minutes each, once per week  plus

      •   Start up consultation session

            B)   Three Month Contract - $775.00    Includes:

      •    Nine coaching sessions  - 45 minutes each, 3 per month plus 

      •    Start up consultation session plus

      •    Post coaching personal plan

             C)   Six Month Contract - $1225.00      Includes

      •    Fifteen coaching sessions - 45 minutes each, 3 per month  plus 

      •    Start up consultation session plus    

      •     Mid-Contract consultation session plus 

      •     Post coaching personal plan                         

   All fees are exclusive of applicable taxes  
 Guest Speaker:
   Does your group need a REBOOT! Invite Dalyce to your next event for tips, strategies and tools to recharge, revitalize and  
   Dalyce is an accomplished Toastmaster and seasoned facilitator. Speaking fees are negotiable.
 Midlife Body Reboot Program:



  If you would like workshop or seminar for your group, please contact Dalyce