The Midlife Reboot
Coaching Women to Wellness

EMBRACING LIFE’S THIRD ACT – feeling positive, looking fabulous and maximizing your potential

Using solution based coaching and neuroscience technologies, one on one coaching session will maximize the benefits and outcomes for each client.
The Midlife Body Reboot Workshop:
A full day program designed to give women a opportunity to sample a variety of different types of fitness – including simple exercises you can do at home. Additionally, participants will learn tips, ideas and facts on food and nutrition. Lunch and nutritional breaks are included in cost.
Workshops will be scheduled based on demand. If you have a group of 30 that are interested in a workshop, let's talk and make it happen.
Cost: $45.00 per person  

The Midlife Body Reboot Program:

In 90 days, you will be a changed person….full of life, enthusiastic for future opportunities, energetic, improved body image and look years younger. It just takes a committment to the program and it will produce results.

The Program includes:                                                                           

  • Initial consultation to build a customized wellness program
  • Weekly one-on-one personal coaching sessions
  • Personal fitness program or weight loss & Active 1st Steps Program

1)   Customized Wellness Plan:

We are all unique. A cookie cutter approach will not result in the success clients are expecting. Dalyce will work with client individually to identify goals and objectives to create a wellness program that suits the client’s situation.

2)   Personal Coaching:

Change can be challenging and clients often need encouragement and support to keep a commitment to change. Dalyce will work one-on-one with clients through a weekly coaching session. Coaching provides a level of personal assistance that often makes the difference between success and failure.

3)   Personal Fitness Program:

Joanne Metz...owner of Heart and Soul Health and Wellness will be working with clients one-on-one to design a program specific to the needs, skills and interested of the each client.

4)   Weight Loss Program:

The combination of a winning diet supplement, the Active 1st Steps Program and personal coaching to keep you on track produces measurable results achieved through a healthy and safe system.

Program Costs:
Introductory Cost: Interview, assessment and wellness plan development   $25.00
Monthly Fee:  $399.00                               Includes: 4 coaching sessions (weekly)
                                                                   personal fitness trainer
                                                                                    weight loss and Active 1st Steps Program
One on One Coaching Packages:
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