The Midlife Reboot
Coaching Women to Wellness

What is Coaching?                                                                                                                                                               


Coaching is rapidly becoming the leading process that people use to create a life of fulfillment… to uncover the greatness that we all are. I practise solution focused coaching – unearthing solutions to problems, rather than analyzing the cause of the problem and  making a diagnosis.

How does Coaching Work?

The magic in solution focused coaching is in the coaches’ ability to formulate and implement powerful questions, tools, exercises that stimulate your subconscious mind. Solutions emerge (like magic) from you through the processes described. Personal coaching is all about you. When you connect with what you really want and why you really want something, magical things happen.

During each session, you will identify action steps and a commitment to follow through. One of the key reasons coaching is so successful, is that you are held accountable - for what YOU have said you will do. As women, we often put others before ourselves, but as your coach I will help you keep on track.

What can Coaching do for me?

First of all…one of the most exciting things that will happen is the buzz you get when you come up with a plan and start to put it into action! Taking that first step gives you a rush of enthusiasm as you re-create your life the way you want it.

Here’s a list of a few reasons why people hire a coach:

·         To get UNSTUCK from a problem or nagging issue.

·         To create BALANCE in their lives.

·         To simplify and re-prioritize their life and REDUCE STRESS.

·         To identify their STRENGTHS AND PASSION to better define their LIFE’S PURPOSE.

·         To gain SELF-CONFIDENCE and to become more self-aware.

·         To find FREEDOM and CONTROL over their lives…taking responsibility for life choices and taking action.

·         To improve RELATIONSHIPS by raising their own self-awareness and how they interact with others.

·         To uncover and remove BARRIERS to moving forward  

·         To gain CLARITY on next steps for career  transition.

·         To increase  PRODUCTIVITY

How is Coaching different from Counselling or Therapy?

In essence: THERAPY heals the past, COACHING designs the future.

At the core of both disciplines are the skills of listening, asking questions, self-discovery and the intent to move the client forward. Counselling and therapy focus more on a diagnosis of past events that affect the present and determining a treatment to improve. Focusing on the problem seems to perpetuate the negative thinking and be an energy drainer!

Solution Focussed Coaching is about moving from the present into the future - by setting goals and taking specific action to achieve.

Coaching encourages your creativity, goals, objectives and action steps. As your Coach, I will listen, and I won’t give advice or tell you the best solution. I am not the expert of you!

What does a Coaching session look like? How…where…what …when
HOW…Coaching sessions are held over the phone or via skype. In person coaching is favourable if possible.  Prior to the first session, a consultation session will be used to establish together your current situation and expectations from Coaching. Time will be taken to explore your goals and the science behind achievement.
WHERE…If being coached over the phone or via skype, to help you focus, find a private room with a minimal number of distractions. In person coaching session will be held at my office.
WHAT…Prior to each session, I will email out a one-page questionnaire (which you will email back prior to the session) to help us both prepare for the session. This tool will better stimulate your thought on what you want to focus on during the session and provide me with a basis to prepare for. This does not preclude the session focus should another issue arise that you would prefer to focus on.

At the beginning of each session,  We will agree on the specific issue to be worked on for that session and you will define your session outcome expectation. I do this to ensure we both understand the goal for the day. In some cases, we may wish to evaluate and discuss your progress...both celebrate your successes and examine deeper into how to improve areas that you’re not moving forward.

During the session, I will listen without judgement and support you. I will ask specific questions and I might also introduce a tool, process or exercise that will help you engage your subconscious mind. This is an essential part of coaching – as this is where the breakthroughs happen and you identify possible ways to move forward. Closer to the end of the session, you will create your action plan and commit to completing measurable steps for the upcoming period. Throughout the session I will provide feedback and observations when appropriate.

WHEN…Coaching sessions are scheduled at a convenient time during the morning, afternoon or early evening.  Each session is scheduled for 45 minutes. For the Midlife Body Reboot Program, sessions are weekly for 12 weeks. For other coaching arrangement, to start, I suggest weekly coaching sessions for one month tapering to bi-weekly if it feels right for you.  
 What’s the length of the Coaching Contract?
I offer two ways that you can work with me:
1)   One on One Personal Coaching - We work together for as long as it is beneficial to you - and you are enjoying the sessions.

It is recommended that you start with a 3-6 month time period - to allow you to get going and achieve something meaningful during our time together.

Some people have had a relationship with their coach for 1-2 years and more, while some people achieve great value from just 3 months - especially if they are highly motivated and want to work through a specific issue.
Please refer to the Services & Events page for Coaching Packages.  

2)   Midlife Body Reboot Program:

This is a 3 month program as described on the Programs page of this website.